It's Personal Counselling

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“I am a passionate holistic counsellor who’s primary goal in life is to help others overcome personal challenges and to guide them to make the appropriate changes to their lives.”

I have studied in Sydney and Singapore at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and the Worldwide Institute of NLP.  I am a member of the Australian Board of NLP and a Master Practitioner of NLP and I have a diploma in Counselling and completing my Bachelor's degree in Counselling.

I specialise in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) talk therapy and my role in this therapeutic journey is to guide you to make the appropriate choices in your life.  NLP is an outcome solution focused form of brief therapy with origins designed from modelling excellence.

The idea is that we react to the world as we construct it, from our experiences and we build our own unique models or maps of the world.  Although all maps are genuine to each of us, this model explores behaviour, thought patterns, processes, beliefs and language, being internal and external and applies these successful actions in ways that work, promoting wellbeing.